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About Ever Timeless

Ever Timeless offers injectables, botox, and fillers applied by Dr. Jacqueline Dietz.

About Dr. Jacqueline A. Dietz

As an endodontist and registered nurse (BSN) from the University of Florida, Jackie is able to provide injectables with an extraordinary level of skill.

Witnessing the transformation of her patients through neuromodulators and derma fillers, she became a non surgical patient herself eight years ago.  She was so moved by the new found radiance that people saw in her, she studied and was certified to provide these services herself, and is committed to studying and perfecting non-surgical techniques to promote a youthful radiant appearance.

Our Services


Dr. Jacqueline Dietz, an endodontist, is supremely qualified to provide injectables. Class reunions. Weddings.  More youthful looking hands in one visit.  Smooth away the years and stop the clock.  With a visit to ever timeless.


Not only frown lines and lip augmentations, but Cupid's bow, reduction of wrinkeles in hands, to raising stretched earlobes from years of heavy earring wear.


Have you ever imagined your nose subtly changed?  Bridge softened? Tip rounded?  More Romanesque?  All can be provided with dermafillers, in just one office visit.

A connossieur

Dr. Dietz has a deep appreciation for the art of Esthetics. She isn't just a doctor, she is a believer, and understands the feeling of making herself more beautiful too.

Athletes, boaters, and outdoors lovers

Let's use your energy for your activities, not for squinting. A little known benefit to botox is relief for the squinting.  Read Dr. Dietz's personal testimony below.


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